My work with clients and Angels is multi-faceted from helping people connect spiritually to providing information on personal relationships and past lives. The psychic tools I use include Angel Healing Therapy, Manifest Sessions and Angel Readings.
I also use crystals in my energy work as a healing tool. After infusing crystals with energy, I send them to people for whom the energy is intended. With the family name "Crystal"  it is perhaps, synergistic that these psychic gems would find me to fulfill their healing purpose on Earth.
The loving, wonderful Angels are "all ways" waiting to assist when I work with people. Whether in Angel Talk workshops, Angel Healing sessions or client consultations. winged beings are ready to communicate.
If you would like to deepen your experience with Angels, private readings and signed Angel books are always available.

"Have a beautiful dream tonight"
Meet Ruth Crystal, the woman who sees Angels and delivers personal messages from Angels....