Angel Talk

Follow the Angel's instructions and place this Angel Book beneath your pillow.  Each morning, open the book to a random page and read your daily Angelic advice.  If you are feeling "lost" at any particular time,  read Chapter 7, "Angel Towers".  When you need inspiration and an Angel's hand to guide you, read page 112.  (You will know the Angel is with you)
"If this book has found its way into your hands, there is an Angel message for you; consider the Angel messages your heavenly inspiration," say the Angels.
Think About Angels

Read Chapter 7 and 8 consecutively three times to initiate your Angel invitation.  To connect with Michael the Archangel read his "Message to Earth Life" on page v.  Go to the Angel Directory (many have read these pages and realized they have already had an Angel experience).  Select the Angel you wish to invite from the directory and write a letter to the divine messenger in the
"A Letter to My Angel" pages. 
If you have a book signed by Ruthie, open communication with your Angel. She has written your inscription on the inside cover. Now you may write to your Angel, press a flower in the book, keep pictures of loved ones within the pages.  This precious book is alive with love from the Angels.
The Seventh Sense with Angels

As you read this book, all 7 of your senses will open.  Use the Dream Journal to ask questions of the Angels.  Use the Dream Directory to look up the meaning of your dream.  Notice the gold Mystic Lotus Flower on the cover.  If you place your right thumb on the center of the flower, you will receive answers to everyday questions as you go through your daily rituals. 
If you place you left thumb on the Lotus Flower as you read this book, feel your sixth sense release as the flower heightens your intuition.  As you become more adept with the energy of the flower, you will be able to access all seven of your senses.  Turn the book over and notice the circle of seven tiny Lotus Flowers.  You will KNOW which of your senses is most open to insights and answers; one flower will be emanating (shining) more than the others.
As you read the Angel books time after time, the Angel messages will become deeper and more meaningful.  Each Soul of Us travels a journey towards God, in this life.  You may use these Angel books to manifest your own Path.
Remember: Angels arrive in a way we may accept.

~*Have a Beautiful Dream Tonight.*~