Third book in the series.   The book arrives with an Angel Healing Card.  Each book is signed by Ruthie, with your Angel's name and message.

Finally the Archangel Raphael explains the meaning of Angels in our lives.
Experience your five senses, and into your sixth sense.  At this point you may enter your seventh sense.  This is the sense where Angels dwell.
God's light shines on you through the Angel's and Saints messages in this book.
***This book includes The Seventh Sense Dream Directory

***The book also includes the first in the series Angel healing keepsake card.

Illustrations throughout this hardcover edition, includes a portrait of Raphael.
Remember:  Every prayer is a hope cherished by your Angel.  Your Angel delivers your precious prayers to God's ears.

Look for the Gold mystic Lotus flower on the cover and the seven mystic Lotus flowers on the back cover.
Message's from Therese  the Little Flower